White Threadfin

Fourfinger Threadfin in commercial captivity is known for it its low survival rate however through MLA's highly successful culture programme of Fourfinger Threadfin, we managed to achieve survival rate of over 90%.

Marine Life Aquaculture Pte Ltd

MLA is a Singapore based fully integrated upstream fish farm that supply fry to the region and food fish to the local markets. Besides Fourfinger Threadfin, MLA also have an Asian Seabass (Barramundi - Lates calcarifer) culture programme.

We have achieved 5 million fry and 200 tonnes fish production annually and is targeted to increase production towards 24 million fry and 1,200 tonnes fish production annually by 2020.

About US


Marine Life Aquaculture Pte Ltd (“MLA”) was established on 27 April 2009. It was founded by Mr Frank Tan Chee Boon (Chief Operating Officer and Managing Director). In the begining, the company’s business focus was alike other farms around Singapore operating on floating “Kelong” (coastal floating platform with hanging nets built predominantly with wooden structure and buoyant by sealed plastic drums), with induction of fish Fry brought from Malaysia and growing them to market size for sale to domestic fishery ports...

In the News

Fish farm's facility works like a health clinic

Carolyn Khew, www.straitstimes.com

On the small island of Pulau Ketam lies a facility where baby fish are nursed to withstand the nastiest of diseases. Set up by fish farm Marine Life Aquaculture, the land-based site works like a health clinic.

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